Brovelli Day: a Ranco si incontrano tutti i Brovelli del mondo

02 February 2024

2 minutes

Ranco, a small town on the Lombardia’s shore of Lake Maggiore, has among its residents a large percentage with the surname ‘Brovelli’. Simply exchanging a few words with those you meet in the town or visiting the local cemetery is enough to realize that there are truly a great number of residents with this surname, both today and in the past, to the extent that the town is nicknamed ‘the land of the Brovelli’.


How comes? Do they all come from the same family? Where do the origins of this surname trace back to? The local Pro Loco, association promoting local culture and tourism (whose president, of course, is a Brovelli), has decided to try to find answers to these questions that have always intrigued residents, Brovelli and non-Brovelli alike, as well as visitors. After a series of historical research, it has emerged that the majority of those with this surname have origins in Ranco, and hence the desire to celebrate with a very original event: the Brovelli Day!

The first edition of Brovelli Day attracted almost two hundred Brovelli, who came to Ranco from France, Switzerland, Spain, and the Americas. On August 12, 2023, the first international gathering took place, featuring various activities throughout the day. From Brovelli’s stories around the world and their testimonials to fun awards for attending Brovellis, such as those who came from the farthest distances or the oldest participant, to a show-cooking event featuring lake fish and a boat trip.

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