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  • Festa della Contrada
    06 July
    06 July

    Festa della Contrada


    The municipality of Bagnaria (PV) intends, in the Year of Roots, to implement existing events that characterize the sociocultural identities of the municipality, among them the Festa della Contrada (District Festival). These events highlight the niche products of our municipality, and thanks to these excellences and typical local products, they attract numerous visitors and tourists, creating a spin-off effect for the entire local economy, especially for the present commercial activities.

    Bagnaria (PV)

  • Sagra della ciliegia
    16 June
    16 June

    Sagra della ciliegia


    The municipal administration of Bagnaria (PV) intends, in the Year of Roots, to enhance the existing events that characterize the socio-cultural identities of the municipality, among them the Sagra della Ciliegia (Cherry Festival), now in its 46th edition. These events highlight the niche products of our municipality, and thanks to these excellences and typical local products, they attract numerous visitors and tourists, creating a spin-off effect for the entire local economy, especially for the present commercial activities.

    Bagnaria (PV)

  • Festa di San Lorenzo
    10 August
    10 August
    Feste patronali

    Festa di San Lorenzo


    The feast of San Lorenzo is on August 10th, our Patron Saint, and it is celebrated every year in the evening on the town square with a dinner organized by the local Pro Loco and with a dancing evening accompanied by renowned orchestras playing traditional music.

    Romagnese (PV)

  • Sagra della Brusadela
    25 August
    trade fairs

    Sagra della Brusadela


    The "Sagra della Brusadela" is the flagship event, awarded on March 10, 2024, with the title "Quality Festival". Now in its twenty-eighth edition this year, it takes place on a Sunday in late August and involves the typical focaccia that is made on the spot with ovens placed in the town square. Throughout the village, there are markets, stands with various products, and a show to entertain the public all day. In the last editions, thousands of focaccias have been baked and tourist presence has increased exponentially, as a result of a stronger promotional campaign implemented by our municipality.

    Romagnese (PV)

  • The ethnic festival 'Lo Spirito del Pianeta'
    05 June
    23 June

    The ethnic festival 'Lo Spirito del Pianeta'


    The Ethnic Festival 'Lo Spirito del Pianeta' is the only festival in Italy dedicated to indigenous cultures. It was created by the 'Lo Spirito del Pianeta' Association, which organized this event to provide a direct testimony from individuals who live daily through their own culture and to share it with others. The goal is to dispel stereotypes that often do not reflect reality, showcasing the movement of dances, prayers, and the spirituality of each of these peoples. The fundamental goals of the festival include promoting and facilitating the encounter, mutual understanding, and fraternity among diverse communities. It also aims to raise awareness, appreciate, and preserve tribal cultures while supporting these communities in safeguarding their environmental and economic conditions crucial for survival, and the maintenance and enhancement of their traditions.

    Clusone (BG)

  • Tracing Migrants' Paths - From the Alps to the Andes
    27 July
    27 July

    Tracing Migrants' Paths - From the Alps to the Andes


    Since 2018, the association 'Sentiero dei Sogni' has promoted the project 'From the Alps to the Andes. The initiative is inspired by the discovery of a trunk containing hundreds of photos and documents belonging to individuals who emigrated to South America from three villages located in Val Menaggio, province of Como (the Municipality of Bene Lario, the Grona fraction of the Municipality of Grandola ed Uniti, and the Piano Porlezza fraction of the Municipality of Carlazzo). Its goal is to rediscover and highlight the extraordinary history of emigration that involved more than half of the families between 1843 and the early 20th century. The objective is to reinforce the memory and social cohesion of these communities, acknowledging the significant public works made possible by emigrants' donations and fostering their connection with fellow citizens living on the other side of the world. At the same time, the initiative seeks to shine a spotlight, encompassing both tourism and economic benefits, on the historic villages and the natural environments that envelop them. This involves establishing an open-air museum, complete with itineraries that intricately intertwine the history of the emigrants with the rich tapestry of the local area. With this goal in mind, the website was established, accompanied by the organization of several events.



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Brovelli Day: a Ranco si incontrano tutti i Brovelli del mondo

Ranco, a small town on the Lombardia’s shore of Lake Maggiore, has among its residents a large percentage with the surname ‘Brovelli’. Simply exchanging a few words with those you meet in the town or visiting the local cemetery is enough to realize that there are truly a great number of residents with this surname, […]

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Mayors of Lombardia's small municipalities at the Farnesina for the last day of presentation of the ‘Turismo delle Radici’ (Tourism of the Roots) project.

On 15 December 2023, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Antonio Tajani, opened this afternoon at the Farnesina the works of the fourth and last meeting for the presentation of the ‘Turismo delle Radici’ project. The event was attended by mayors, deputy mayors and councillors of municipalities under […]

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Sirmione's Scaligero Castle lights up to attract travellers to their roots

A tribute to the ‘Turismo delle Radici’ (Tourism of Roots) project transforms the Scaligero Castle into a shining beacon beckoning travellers to their roots: it is an invitation to rediscover one’s origins. During the Christmas festivities, the Rocca Scaligera was illuminated by a particularly evocative and evocative graphic motif: an interweaving of lighted roots that […]

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